Rental Forms

VILLA DE LAS PALMAS requires a 30-day minimum rental


  • A copy of the signed lease for all rentals of 30 days or more (minimum required) is to be submitted to the association within 24 hours of signing/execution. The price of the rental may be redacted. 
  • A rental/tenant registration form must be completed by all renters within 24-hours of arrival and is to be submitted to the property manager. 
  • Both documents should be emailed to the property manager ([email protected])
  • A rental/tenant registration form is available here on the HOA website in this folder. 
  • Renters DO NOT receive any gate codes.  Keys must be provided when checking in for rentals.
    • If the property is self managed, owners are to contact the property manager for a one-day gate code. Their is a $45.00 fee. 
  • Garage Code is not to be provided to any rentals. 
  • See Renter rules and regulation in the folder - rules & regulations.
  • Renters and their guests are not permitted to bring any pets on to the property.
  • All rental owners are required to notify their property management companies of the new rules adopted April 29, 2024 and it is the responsibility of the owners and their property management companies that the forms are completed as required. 
  • If the forms are not completed, owners are subject to fines  as outlines in the VDLP Rules & Regulations. 

Any Rental questions should be directed to the property manager

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